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MY BOOKS (in french)
An original fantasy saga,
sprinkled with magic and romance.
These are the last 4 Gemini magicians.
Everyone'S future depends on them.


A gemini whose powers manifest themselves curiously...
A gemini from our world who has everything to discover!
A hybrid shapeshifting gemini that feeds by swallowing flames like fire eaters!
An elf who can't stand still!

Follow JudyAnn, Kyle, Tom and Daphnée through the world of Galénor!

Distinguish the true from the false. Trust each other. Find your voice, your place.

Find out who we really are. For the geminis, the troubles are linked and appearances are often deceiving...

This first volume was an excellent surprise with its promising story, its rich universe and its colorful protagonists... Everything is there to spend an incredibly magical moment, with the right dose of chills, stress, humor, love, … Note: Favorite! »

Mo comme mordue


I was truly amazed by this story and I can only recommend it to all fans of fantasy



A very good book that will take many people in its whirlwind. To discover without waiting! »


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