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Vincent is an infernith, more precisely a vampire. He will be the magic teacher of the last geminis. He's outgoing and has a rather rebellious streak — he does whatever he wants. (He dresses up as a mime during the day. His white makeup is actually protection from the sun.)

Sources of inspiration:
I always imagined the actor Jackson Rathbone, in the role of Vincent. The character's clothing style is inspired by "Willy Wonka" in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Tim Burton.

Extract :
“…Two things immediately struck JudyAnn. First, the guy was dressed as a mime. He wore an old bowler hat, slightly worn around the edges, a striped sweater and black pants. His face was covered in white paint and his fine features and mouth were outlined in black. Second, he wore Godwynn's badge on his jacket, so he was probably high society. What on earth was this stranger dressed as a clown doing in this remote corner of Galénor at such an hour? »

He sat on a high stool and looked at JudyAnn. He wasn't just watching her, he was piercing her with his gaze.

- Do you want something to drink ? asked the young woman.
Is that you, JudyAnn?; asked the stranger.
– Yes… How do you know me? 

The young man smiled and held out a gloved hand.

- I'm Vincent. Vincent Marciano. Mérindol asked me to come and get you. »

Vincent Marciano

Vampire- Magician

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