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Edgar Grimm Mérindol is a famous magician from Galénor. He will welcome the last geminis to his home, during their training. He runs a circus, is a naturalist and teleporter for the city of Godwynn.

The geminis will each have to concoct a number for their circus – this will be their cover. They hide, as the last geminis, as a dryad once predicted they would restore peace across Galenor. They are wanted by Kendrick and his followers.


Mérindol is the old magician who advises on history. He's the Gandalf, the Dumbledore of Galenor...



“…The sun was beginning to sink below the horizon. A man dressed in a top hat and a long royal blue robe was advancing towards the three young people in the distance in the fields…

– It's probably someone from the upper class, commented Ingrid. No one in Aldorham walks around dressed like this…
- Is'n;t it your nineteenth birthday tomorrow? Asked Astrid.
- Yes…
– What do you really hope for?
- I don't know, but the fact is that it's not today, it's tomorrow...
– The tests can be carried out within more or less a few days, says Ingrid.

JudyAnn, who was still picking, looked up to see if the stranger was still coming their way, but he was gone.

- Are you JudyAnn? called out a voice behind her.

Draco squealed and shook his wings.

JudyAnn spun around and saw the stranger in front of her. He held out his hand and shook it vigorously.

Maybe he was a magician and had teleported.

“My name is Edgar Grimm Mérindol, I have been a naturalist for the Great City for several years and I represent magicians on the Council of Godwynn. (He gave her a nod of his hat.) I also teach at the Institute of Magic as an illustrious. (JudyAnn hastened to bow before the magician, as tradition dictated. Astrid and Ingrid did the same.) The authorities have mandated me to proceed with the census of the newly elected… I would like to give you some tests . Do you live far from here?

Gray streaks streaked the brown hair of the old wizard and many wrinkles dug his face. JudyAnn would not have known how old to give her. A certain wisdom could be read in his dark eyes. Nymar had already told him a lot of stories about a magician named Edgar Grimm Merindol, but it couldn't be him. He would have been at least six or seven hundred years old… The magician Nymar had told him about had fought on the plains of Vigrid when the rift was opened with the infernal dimension. Some said he was still alive, but no one could live that long, not even the almandarins! … »

Edgar Grimm Merindol
Old magician, adviser, mentor

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