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Calchas Crowley

Leader of Godwynn's Brigade

Calchas is the leader of Godwynn's brigade in which JudyAnn and the last geminis will be conscripted. He looks stern, rigid.

Sources of inspiration

I would imagine James Marsters as Calchas Crowley. (I loved her a lot in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a series that I adored and which ultimately inspired me too.


“… there were sharp knocks at the door of the inn. JudyAnn glanced at Amelia and opened the door. A blond-haired man in a black beret and hard-featured stood on the porch. His black shoes were shiny as mirrors and his crisp black frock coat was festooned with silver hooks and buttons. A mob of archers stood behind him. Mounted on white bayards, they all looked the same serious. The riders in black suits dismounted, and JudyAnn saw them disperse and head for the nearby houses.

"Official Brigade," said the stranger, pushing his way inside uninvited.

JudyAnn's mother crept over.

- What do you want ? she asked, visibly confused.
Calchas Crowley, heaid, without a smile. Head of Godwynn's Brigade…”

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