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Tom Fafnir

Tom is Kyle's twin brother. He is half-human, half-chimera. He creates illusions and can shapeshift. It feeds on fire. He reads a lot. He's a new kind of bookworm. He also plays electric guitar in a band with Vincent.

Sources of inspiration

I always imagined him looking like David Bowie in his younger years. In the first draft of Galénor, I mentioned her resemblance to the famous singer in her description.


Extract :

 “…A tall, thin young man came down to join them. His blond hair was slightly disheveled and he had small gaps between his teeth, which was not ugly and even gave him a certain charm. He looked like a model with his piercing green eyes and sunken cheeks. Her look was rather androgynous. Very handsome man, he had a hypnotic look. He casually sat down next to JudyAnn and set a bottle of Mistrad liquor in front of him.

You're Daphne's twin sister, I suppose,  he said, taking a large sip of alcohol.
JudyAnn nodded slightly.
– Let me introduce myself, Tom Fafnir, I am Kyle's half-brother… His gemini brother…
– Delighted… 

Tom took a stick from the bag he was carrying over his shoulder and lit it with a small lighter. The latter flared up. The young man then raised his torch to his mouth and swallowed the fire loudly, in front of the stupefied eyes of JudyAnn.

I feed on fire; the latter explained.
“Tom is a chimera,” Kyle interjected.

JudyAnn had heard all kinds of stories about chimeras. Nymar said that they could among other things change their appearance at will and create sorts of illusion. He also said that they could live for several centuries and were reborn like phoenixes. With each new life, they moulted and changed their physical appearance…”

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