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Kyle Archambault

Coming from our world, he finds himself in Galénor...

Gemini (from Tom)


Kyle is a human, he comes from the city of Quebec, in our world, in our dimension, which the people of Galénor call “Disenchanted”, as we do not believe in magic. He knows nothing about Galénor and often asks rather eccentric questions, which brings a little touch of humor to the novel.

Sources of inspiration:
In early drafts of the novel, Kyle was a huge Star Wars fan, occasionally quoting from it. At the masquerade ball at the end, he was even dressed as Darth Vader… (I really like Star Wars myself.)   Although I removed those clips, I still imagine him in Star Wars fan...

At the time, when I started working on Galénor, I physically imagined him in the style of actor Jack Black. I also wanted him to be a bit of a joke.




– And now, I present to you Kyle Archambault, said the old magician. Kyle is Tom's gemini. He comes from Quebec, in the "Disenchanted dimension".
– The disenchanted dimension?
– The people of his world don't believe in magic… It took me two weeks to convince Kyle to follow me…

Daphne chuckled.
Kyle stepped forward to shake her hand, all smiles.

- So, how are you ? Not too shaken?
– A little, but that's ok… Delighted.

Kyle's eyes and hair were hazel in color. His protruding cheeks gave him a mischievous look, while his messy hair, which fell to his shoulders, gave him a somewhat unkempt side. He wore dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

– I first approached him in a bar and he took me for a madman…, intervened Mérindol.
– He showed up at a nightclub on the Grande-Allée dressed as a magician like in the movies, barefoot, a camera dating from the sixties in his hands and asked me to follow him to Galénor, in another dimension… How should I have reacted?
“Not by calling the police anyway,” muttered Mérindol.
“You were a little too insistent, let’s say…”

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