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GALENOR Book 1: The Book Of Gates

Magic. Romance. Adventure.


A world divided between hybrids and humans. Between black and white magi. What if everything weren't so simple?


My name is JudyAnn. I am from Galenor, a world populated by humans like you and I, as well as inferniths – half human, half-demon beings such as muses, vampires and chimeras...


Upon my 19th birthday, my world was flipped upside down. I discovered I was a Gemini. Yet, I was convinced these magicians had been extinct for a long time.


A wizard was sent to fetch me at the inn where I work. He will escort me all the way to Godwynn. He is rather charming, despite his peculiar attraction.


We are to depart tomorrow, and I just learned he is also a vampire and will be my magic instructor. A vampire as a bodyguard… how does that make me feel safer?


Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Twilight, this story with magic and romance will lead you in a world like no others…

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