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JudyAnn's twin sister

Daphnée is an extroverted, very talkative young girl who can't sit still. She is half-elf, half-human. She will help JudyAnn fight off Kendrick and his followers. She grew up in Aléwynn, the dimension of the elves.

Source of inspiration: 

I confess that I always imagined Daphnée in the style of Cindy Lauper, in the 80s. Do you remember the cover of the album “She's so unusual”? In the first version of the novel, the comparison was even made.

Extract :

“Daphnée wore a long floral-patterned dress in shades of reds and oranges as well as relaxed black ankle boots. The multitude of necklaces that hung around his neck gave him a particular style. One of the pendants represented a silver half-moon and a second presented the image of an eye in its center. A silver four-leaf clover-shaped clip fastened a lock of her long, unruly wine-red hair.

Rather thin, Daphnée still had a strong bone structure, as well as pretty pink cheekbones. His pale complexion which showed a few freckles and his little pointed elf ears made him look like a pixie. Her large almond-shaped green eyes lit up her face. You could feel that this girl was bursting with energy, not only from the nature of her power, but rather, from all the vitality she exuded…”

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Sœur géminie de JudyAnn

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